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Swept Path Analysis is a technical evaluation centered on the spatial requirements of vehicles during turning maneuvers. This critical element of transportation engineering is dedicated to the examination of a vehicle's movement and path, particularly the various segments as they traverse through turns. The primary objective is to inform infrastructure design, ensuring roads, parking facilities, and transport systems are optimally configured to accommodate the distinct motion patterns of diverse vehicles.

The process involves detailed tracking and computation of the trajectory a particular vehicle adopts when it deviates from a linear course. It encompasses the analysis of the trajectories of the front and rear wheels, the extent of the front and rear overhangs, and the pivot point of the vehicle.

To streamline this process, sophisticated software is employed, which is indispensable in transportation engineering for simulating and understanding the complex movements and clearance requirements of different vehicles. This is integral to crafting transportation networks that are capable of supporting an array of vehicles, each with their own specific turning radii and motion profiles.


A more in depth service description is contained within each client Fee Quotation


Start by sending us a brief including the Site Layout, PDF format is fine for Fee Quotation and a list of what vehicles you would like testing


The swept path drawings will then be carried out


We're send you back a Fee Quotation PRONTO


Depending on your payment choice the drawings are either sent back as Preview or Download Links


Within your Fee Quotation select your delivery period and whether to Pay Up Front or On Completion


Files are only released once payment has been received


On acceptance of the Fee Quotation we will require the DWG cad files to run the Analysis


A more in depth service description is contained within each client Fee Quotation


Start by sending us a brief including the Site Layout, PDF format is fine for Fee Quotation and a list of what vehicles you would like testing


We're send you back a Fee Quotation PRONTO


Within your Fee Quotation select your delivery period and whether to Pay Up Front or On Completion


On acceptance of the Fee Quotation we will require the DWG cad files to run the Analysis


The swept path drawings will then be carried out


Depending on your payment choice the drawings are either sent back as Preview or Download Links


Files are only released once payment has been received


A digital map display featuring vehicle route analysis, with cars in different colors representing varying traffic speeds or conditions along a curving road next to a pond.
An detailed floorplan of Battersea PowerStation displaying a Construction Vehicle Routes, navigating between Concrete Framing.
A cad drawing showing a building layout with swept path drawings and symbols representing various design elements and utilities, set on a black background.
A cad design showing a schematic layout of a road system with multicolored lines representing various vehicle route analysis routes against a black background.
A complex CAD drawing displaying a swept path analysis with multiple overlapping vehicle routes in vivid colors, representing layout changes and proposed extensions in a building blueprint.
A detailed schematic of a road system using swept path analysis software, showing various traffic paths in vibrant colors such as blue, green, and orange, with labelled directions and junctions.

" For custom vehicle model construction, just supply the manufactures chassis details and were build it "



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* Single sheet drawings only

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* Not available on vehicle route analysis

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

* Drawings are split per vehicle variant:

** Example A (Type) - 1x Fire Tender + 1x Refuse Collection = 2 Drawings.

** Example B (Size) - 1x Large Car + 1x Medium Size Car = 2 Drawings.

** Example C (Drawings) - 1x Swept path drawing on (BSC) Basic delivery period would be £80.00 +VAT, 2x drawings on (BSC) Basic delivery period would be £160.00 +VAT, 3x drawings on (BSC) Basic delivery period would be £240.00 +VAT etc.

** Example D (Sheet Size) - On Parking layouts we generally aim for up to 6x test bays per A1 Sheet = 1x Drawing / D2 Example: 1x test bay on 1x A3 would be 1x Drawing / D3 Example: 2x test bays on 1x A3 would be 1x Drawing / D4 Example: 4 test bays on 1x A2 would be 1x Drawing.

* All quotations are issued on HP20 delivery period, clients have the ability to select the delivery period of their choosing from the fee quotation which is emailed out, please see FAQ.

* If the project urgency changes you still have the ability to change the delivery period and upgrade it, even after the fee quotation has been accepted, through an additional admin charge, please see full details within your fee quotation.

* For vehicle route analysis please contact us for a custom fee quotation. Example: Abnormal Load vehicle route analysis.

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Required Information:

To initiate our Swept Path Analysis services, you'll need to provide a layout of some form. This can range from a simple hand-drawn sketch or more sophisticated designs created with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. We can work with various formats, including 1:1250 scale OS Master Mapping or detailed Topographical Surveys. For instance, if you're planning a Residential Housing Development site, a clear layout is crucial.

Additionally, it's essential to specify the types of vehicles you want analysed to ensure accuracy in our assessment.

Handling Non-CAD Format Layouts for Swept Path Analysis:

Don't worry if your layout isn't in CAD format or if you don't possess any CAD drawings. Our process can seamlessly integrate hand-drawn sketches into our analysis workflow. Here's how it works:

Digital Mapping Integration: We start by overlaying your site's extents or location onto a Digital 1:1250 scale OS Master Mapping. This provides a precise base for your project.

Layout Digitization: Next, we digitize your hand-drawn layout, placing it accurately over the digital map to prepare for the swept path analysis.

Please Note: Additional Charges Apply

Digital OS Master Mapping: Prices start from £20+VAT.

CAD Layout Reproduction: Charges are based on our current CAD Support Rate, varying according to the complexity and requirements of your project.

Beneficiaries of this Service:

Swept Path Analysis is an invaluable tool for a diverse group of professionals, including Planners, Architects, Engineers, Developers, and Site Owners. This service offers a strategic advantage by enabling these stakeholders to evaluate the turning capabilities and implications of various vehicle types on proposed design layouts early in the planning process. Importantly, it allows for this assessment to be done virtually, eliminating the need for physical trial runs. This early-stage insight is crucial for informed decision-making, ensuring designs are practical, compliant, and optimized for vehicle movement.

Importance of Providing Drawings for Planning Applications:

The necessity to submit detailed drawings, including Swept Path analysis, with your Planning Applications stems from the need to demonstrate that your development's layout can efficiently handle the vehicle movements anticipated during and after construction. As development sites face increasing constraints to meet planning requirements for viable projects, ensuring that layouts can accommodate such movements becomes crucial.

Local Planning Authorities scrutinize designs to ensure they are practical and safe, especially in tight or congested spaces. They often require Swept Path analysis drawings, showcasing how different vehicles will navigate the proposed layout. This verification aims to ensure that vehicles can move safely and efficiently within the site, addressing any potential concerns about accessibility or manoeuvrability early in the planning process.

By providing these drawings, you help the Local Authority gain confidence in your design's feasibility, paving the way for smoother approval processes and ultimately contributing to the development's success.

Advantages of Outsourcing:

Every project presents a unique set of challenges, especially when it comes to layout and vehicle requirements for Swept Path Analysis. Recognizing that finding the perfect template or diagram online can be like searching for a needle in a haystack, we offer a cost-effective and efficient solution. Outsourcing your Swept Path Analysis to our experts saves you from the high costs associated with purchasing specialized software and the time drain of scouring the internet for templates that may not meet your specific needs. By choosing our services, you leverage our expertise and resources to get bespoke solutions tailored to your project's requirements, ensuring accuracy and compliance without the hassle.

Availability of Specific Vehicles in Our Suite:

Our Swept Path Analysis (SPA) Suite boasts an extensive default vehicle library designed to meet a wide range of project needs. However, it's understandable that with the vast diversity of vehicles in existence, our library might not cover every specific model required for your project. If you find that your needed vehicle isn't included, we're here to accommodate your requirements. We typically request that you provide the manufacturer's chassis information for the vehicle in question. With this data, we can create a custom vehicle model tailored to your project's specifications. This ensures that our analysis is as accurate and relevant to your needs as possible.

Payment Methods for this Services:

We offer flexible payment options to accommodate your needs. For your convenience, payments can be made upfront through Stripe as part of the Fee Quotation process. Alternatively, you have the option to pay upon job completion via Bank Transfer or Stripe, ensuring flexibility and security in transactions. Please note, for our international clients outside the UK, we exclusively accept payments through Stripe. This policy ensures a seamless and secure payment process for all our clients, regardless of their location.

Requirement for On-Site Visits:

No, on-site visits are not necessary for our Swept Path Analysis (SPA) services. Our process is fully remote, focusing on the evaluation of your Design or Site Layout against specific vehicle requirements. This efficient approach allows us to test and analyse vehicle movements within your layout accurately, without the need for physical presence on the site. It streamlines the process, saving time and resources while ensuring precise results.

Addressing Layout Updates following Analysis Completion:

If your project requires updates to the layout following our initial Swept Path Analysis, these modifications are subject to an additional fee. This fee is typically equivalent to the amount quoted in the original Fee Quotation. We understand that project needs can evolve, and we're here to support your project's success every step of the way, ensuring that any necessary re-tracks or re-runs are handled efficiently and effectively to meet your updated requirements.

Selecting Vehicles for Construction Traffic Management Plans:

For Construction Traffic Management Plans, the key to effective vehicle testing begins with understanding the size of vehicles your suppliers will use throughout each phase. We recommend consulting with your suppliers to ascertain the dimensions of the vehicles they plan to deploy. Once we have this information, we can initiate the analysis with the largest vehicle, ensuring that the site layout can accommodate it and any smaller vehicles. This strategic approach allows us to provide a comprehensive assessment tailored to your specific construction needs.

Testing for Refuse Vehicle Accessibility:

If your project requires testing for a refuse vehicle, the first step is to consult with the local authority's waste management department to determine the size of the refuse vehicle commonly used in your area. This ensures the analysis is as accurate and relevant as possible. If the local authority has not specified a size, we can proceed with the analysis using a standard Large 3-axle Refuse Vehicle, which is 9.86 meters in length, from our vehicle library. This approach allows us to provide you with a preliminary assessment that can be re-ran as more specific information becomes available.

Limitations of Hand-Drawn Swept Path Illustrations:

While hand-drawn or non-swept path software illustrations can provide a visual representation, they lack the precision and reliability of analyses conducted with specialized swept path analysis software. These illustrations are fundamentally different from the detailed and accurate results produced by dedicated software systems. We've observed an increasing trend of professionals submitting these basic illustrations instead of utilizing proper swept path analysis software, leading to inaccuracies and potential issues in planning and execution. Opting for software-based analysis ensures a higher level of detail and accuracy, critical for effective planning and compliance with regulatory standards.

Integrating Swept Path Analysis with Civil 3D:

Civil 3D (C3D), as a component of the Autodesk AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) Suite, accommodates Swept Path Analysis (SPA) vehicle simulation software seamlessly. The installation process for the SPA software mirrors that of the full version of AutoCAD, ensuring a straightforward setup. This integration facilitates efficient and accurate vehicle path simulations within the familiar environment of Civil 3D, enhancing the workflow for civil engineering and design professionals.

Options for AutoCAD LT Users:

For those using AutoCAD LT, it's important to note that the full version of AutoCAD is required to run Swept Path Analysis software (Autodesk Vehicle Tracking Suite). Since Autodesk no longer sells the standalone products, users looking to perform SPA have a couple of alternatives. One option is to outsource your SPA needs to a specialized service provider. Another is to subscribe to the Autodesk AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) Suite, which includes the full version of AutoCAD & Vehicle Tracking Suite. Subscription rates are £450.00 monthly or £3594.00 annually. Additionally, there are alternative software providers offering similar capabilities, including Transsoft, Keysoft, and CGS, which may suit your needs depending on your specific requirements.